Milia/Cholesterol Deposits

Age Spots/Brown Spots

Cherry Angiomas

Treating Skin Irregularities

Unfortunately as we age various types of skin growths can occur. Treatment of some of these can now be done safely with the use of Direct High Frequency. The high frequency current delivers a precise current through a probe to cauterize growths. As the skin irregularity is treated and healing, a natural scab develops. Within the next few days the scab will naturally fall off and new healthy skin will be visible. In most instances there is no visible indication of the previous growth. Other removal methods may leave visual tissue damage behind. Treatment is quick and well tolerated.
Non-invasive and no lasers.


*Acne/Blackheads/Clogged Pores

*Cherry Angiomas

*Broken Capillaries { telangiectasia} around the nose, cheeks and chin and decolletage

*Skin Tags

*Seborrheic Keratosis


*Sebaceous Hyperplasia


Prices can only be done after a thorough one on one consultation. We must see the skin lesions in person to verify that they can be properly treated.

We can not give prices over the phone or through email. 


skin tags

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