Preparing for your Spray Tan


 Skin looks best when it is moisturized and hydrated. This also holds true for a spray tan so drink plenty of water and keep your skin moisturized.  Keeping your skin moisturized is the best way to prep your skin for your tan! Not the day of your spray tan session though! Skin should be free of deodorant, cosmetics, sweat, fragrances, and lotions.

Skin should be clean, dry and exfoliated. It is EXTREMELY important that you exfoliate 24 -48 hours before your session. Don't forget a little extra exfoliation around the elbows, feet and hands or any especially dry areas. I don't recommend using a body scrub such as St. Ives because this can leave a film on the skin that may interrupt the tanning solution. Salt and sugar scrubs are fine as long as their is no oil that will be left on the skin. Exfoliating gloves are my favorite choice and can usually be found at your local drug store. Failing to exfoliate 2 days before your session can leave the skin splotchy and the tan may fade unevenly.

If you have a sunburn I will NOT be able to spray tan you. Once your skin starts peeling the spray tan will come off with it. On the day of your spray tan session do a warm water rinse. Don't use any harsh soaps that may leave a film on the skin.

Remove your jewelry and any valuables that you have, I recommend leaving any valuables at home. 

I will have barrier cream and hair nets available to protect nails, lips, and hair.

Any shaving , waxing, manicures and pedicures should be done 2 days before your spray tan session.

Women may wear whatever they feel comfortable in for their tanning session. Bikini's, swimsuits, shorts, tank tops or nude. Keep in mind any sleeveless clothing or short dresses if you are spray tanning for a special event. 

Men must wear some type of shorts.

Dark loose fitting clothing should be worn after your session. The solution may stain lighter clothing. Please do NOT wear leggings or tight jeans after your spray tan session. 

Flip flops or loose fitting shoes should be worn after your session to limit any solution rubbing off the feet. If you have leather seats in  your vehicle or leather furniture at home be sure to sit on a towel until your first shower to limit solution staining your furniture or vehicle. 


Note: I do not recommend receiving a massage or facial the same day as your spray tan session. It is preferred to either have your massage therapy session a day or two before your session or wait until after your tan has processed and you have showered. If you do choose to have a massage and spray tan on the same day, I cannot guarantee optimum results for your spray tan.

After Your Spray Tan

Your spray tan should last 5-7 days, depending on after care and maintenance. My solutions require at LEAST 8-12 hours of processing with the exceptions of the Rapid solutions. I recommend waiting overnight to let your spray tan process. Rapid Spray tans will require only 1-4 hours of processing time. If you are scheduled for a Rapid Spray Tan you will receive more information at your appointment on processing time. Your first shower should be a thorough warm water rinse with limited use of soap. Keep your skin hydrated after your shower by using moisturizers. Moisturizer prolongs your spray tan and allows the tan to fade evenly and naturally. Protect your skin with sunscreen! You now have a beautiful tan don't let a sunburn ruin it! ;) A spray tan does NOT protect your skin from UV rays. You still need to wear sunscreen to protect yourself. The more showers you take the faster the spray tan will fade. Sulfate free cleansers are optimal in extending the life of your spray tan. If you have any other questions please feel free to call 316-390-7722


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